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New from Craftunique, the Craftbot 3 features many upgrades from previous models with the easy-to-use, affordable system you've come to expect from a CraftBot device.  Featuring unique separated print heads, user-customized alerts, a heated and removable print-bed and more! 

Filament Monitoring System

Featuring smart detection and easy troubleshooting, Craftunique's filament monitoring system self-corrects jams and other common feeding problems. If the self-correcting system cannot fix the situation, the user is sent a simple alert. 

Separated Print Heads

A new and unique feature to the Craftbot 3, separated print heads allow the user to print two products simultaneously, print dissoluble supports with ease, and allows the user to endless options in 3-d printing! 


Detailed shot of CraftBot 3's seperated, high-temp print heads


Upgraded Motor Control

Completely redesigned motor control for the Craftbot 3 allows the machine to run quieter than ever!

Quieter 3D printer motor


Full Metal Hotend

A included full metal hotend, allows the user to use temperatures up to 300°C and use a greater range of filaments. 


LED Status Indicator

Be more aware of what stage and circumstances the printer are in with the LED status indicator. It is completely customizable and alerts the user to your own preferences.


High-Accuracy Ball Screws

Included high-end ball screws guarantee your print will come out looking great, even at 50 microns/layer.


Improved Build Platform

Included heated platform prevents warping and sticking during the printing process and makes servicing the machine easy with a removable horizontal platform.


Pause & Resume

Need to pause your print or swap out a filament roll mid-print? No problem! The Craftbot 3 can pause and resume mid-print on command.


WIFI Connectivity

Control the machine, upload prints, and projects and check the status of your print right from your mobile device with Craftunique's app available for iOS and Android. 


Special Dual Extruder Modes and Functions

Utilize all the special printing functions (parallel, mirror manufacturing) and special settings.


Cut by Plane

If you don't have the proper multi-material model file, simply cut your model and add color!

Craftware Software

Craftware Software

Techincal Specifications

Build Volume

37.4x25x25 cm

Z-Index Resolution

100 micron (ultra)
200 micron (high)
300 micron (medium)

Print Speed

50-200 mm/s

Build Plate Type

Heated (50-110°C)


Operating Nozzle (180-300 °C)



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3D printers offer support for several materials with varying applications, including PLA, nylon, PVA, carbon fiber, ABS, kevlar, and more!

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3D printer parts for various manufacturers

Supplies & Parts

3D printers offer support for several materials with varying applications, including PLA, nylon, PVA, carbon fiber, ABS, kevlar, and more.

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