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The newest introduction to the Ultimaker family, the Ultimaker 3 extended is an advanced dual extrusion printer with large build volume that will create complex, professional 3D prints with industrial grade materials and accurate consistent results. The Ultimaker 3 extended includes an extended build volume from the Ultimaker 3, without losing any of the impressive features. Includes an innovative nozzle lifting system, swappable nozzles and print cores and an automatic bed leveler. 

Dual Extrusion

Ultimaker's dual extrusion allows the user to combine build and water-soluable supports to print detailed and complex products or print in two colors or materials. This machine also features a unique automatic nozzle-lifting system allowing for a smooth finish.


Dissolvable Supports

Using Ultimaker's unique and reliable dual extruder system, create intricate designs and simply remove the supports by submerging in water. Ultimaker's PVA is created specifically for this machine and is an ideal support materials for Nylon and PLA models, allowing the user to print deep internal cavities, large overhands and complex details. 

Water-soluble print supports

Ultimaker 3 print before and after dissolving the PVA supports. 

Material-matching Nozzles

Ultimaker's unique, material matching nozzles with customized geometry for certain materials allows the user to create perfect results with every print.


Swappable Print Cores

Quick and easy print core swaps allows the user to have a high uptime and easier maintenance. The Ultimaker 3 and 3 extended machines come with print cores for build (AA) and water soluble support (BB) materials. 


Swappable print cores

The print cores are easy to access and swap.

Other Features

Optimized Cooling

The Ultimaker 3 and 3 extended feature a powerful, low noise fan system, with 2 new and unique radial fans and shrouds, allowing for increased pressure build-up and improved air flow. This allows for better cooling, better bridging, quicker prints and smooth surfaces.


Active Leveling

A capacitive sensor measures the distance between the nozzle and the build plate and adjusting the z height in the first layers to compensate for the tilt angle. This increased build plate adhesion and allows for reliable remote printing.


Heated auto leveling bed plate

The Ultimaker 3's bed plate is heated and removable.

Monitor Prints Remotely

The user can send prints quickly to the Ultimaker 3 or 3 Extended using WiFi, LAN or the Ultimaker app and check progress via the live camera. This system can support multiple users controlling and monitoring prints and the USB and LAN connections allow for uninterrupted prints 24 hours a day.

Wifi connected camera

Wi-Fi connected camera for remote viewing.



That is not the only smart feature either since the Ultimaker 3 includes automatic bed-leveling, for helping to prevent and correct any printing mistakes which might occur along the way. The 3D printer additionally has the ability to automatically detect the print material you chose and adjust its settings to fit.

Luke Dormehl of Digital Trends


To be more attractive and valuable to people like engineers and designers, the Ultimaker 3 is both more powerful and automated than its predecessors, with the idea that a user can upload a design, click print and pick up a finished part without any issue.

Michael Molitch-Hou of Engineering.com


Techincal Specifications

Build Volume

Left or right nozzle: 215 x 215 x 300 mm (8.5 x 8.5 x 11.8 inches)
Dual extrusion: 197 x 215 x 300 mm (7.8 x 8.5 x 11.8 inches)








Z-Index Resolution

0.25 mm nozzle: 150 - 60 micron
0.40 mm nozzle: 200 - 20 micron
0.80 mm nozzle: 600 - 20 micron

Print Speed

< 24 mm³/s

Build Plate Type

20 ˚C to 100 ˚C heated glass build plate


180 ˚C to 280 ˚C


Ultimaker Cura

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3D printers offer support for several materials with varying applications, including PLA, nylon, PVA, carbon fiber, ABS, kevlar, and more.

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