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The Artec Leo is first in its class, top of its class, and best in its class. Get the ease and intuition you want from a 3D scanner, combined with the mobility you need and a workhouse processor that makes scanning in the field a breeze.

The Leo is the first 3D scanner offering onboard processing, providing users the ability to watch their 3D replica being built in real-time on the Leo’s HD touch panel screen. No more missing data - just fill in or touch up any areas you may have missed on the spot.


Fastest on the Market

The Leo offers incredible 3D reconstruction rates of up 80 frames per second! Scan large objects at breakneck speeds and gain unparalleled precision by capturing minute and intricate details.

Smartest in the Class

Operating on the NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform, featuring an internal accelerometer, gyro, and compass, the Artec Leo can precisely pinpoint its own position and differentiate between horizontal and vertical surfaces. Artec’s powerful hybrid geometry and texture tracking allow you simply point and shoot without targetting specific points or targets to set.

A Fully Mobile Experience

A built-in battery, internal SSD drive with up to 256 GB of storage, Wi-Fi connectivity, and HD touch panel screen give users unsurpassed mobility and data upload abilities. No wires to speak of, and no tripod or stand needed! Leo is completely mobile, handheld, and designed to make the scanning experience easy.


Display: Built-in HD touch panel screen
Processing: Onboard real-time processing
3D reconstruction rate: Up to 80 frames-per-second (FPS)
3D resolution: Up to 0.5 mm
3D point accuracy: Up to 0.1 mm
Color resolution: 2.3 mp
Structured light source: VCSEL
Position sensors: Built-in 9 DoF inertial system
Connectivity: Wireless connectivity and data transfer
Power source: In-built exchangeable battery, optional mains power
Multi-core processing:  NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1

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3D printers offer support for several materials with varying applications, including PLA, nylon, PVA, carbon fiber, ABS, kevlar, and more!

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3D printer parts for various manufacturers

Supplies & Parts

3D printers offer support for several materials with varying applications, including PLA, nylon, PVA, carbon fiber, ABS, kevlar, and more.

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