Liquid Crystal Pro

Liquid Crystal Pro

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Produce Large High Resolution Objects at a fraction of the cost of other 3D Printers.



Daylight polymer printing


82 × 49 x 74 cm
33 × 20 x 29 in

(W) x (D) x (H)


66 Kg (145 Lbs)

Power requirements

100–240 V, UK/USA/EU plug

LCD specification

23.8″ (3840×2160 px)


USB, Display Port

Printer control

Via PC

Resin Fill system


Build Volume

470 x 240 x 340 mm

18.5 x 9.4 x 13.4 in

Layer Thickness

50, 100 microns

0.002, 0.004 inches

XY pixel density

137 microns

Cure speed at 100 micron

50-100 sec/layer (depending on resin)



Rachet Socket Wrench

Nut Socket

Allen Key


Paper Strainer x 10

Spray Bottle

Nitrile Gloves x 4

Vat Film Pack sub-assembly

Gasket pack sub-assembly

5 Kg Pro Hard Black resin

2 VAT film replacement

USB Cable

Display Port Cable

AC Cable

Printer Instructions


Creation Workshop

1 Year License (Windows Only)

*Software download available from Liquid Crystal Pro support page

Minimum Computer Requirements

Dual Core Processor or above
Windows (Not compatible with Mac or Linux)
2GB Ram memory or above

Spare DisplayPort connection

Note: In order to run at max resolution a 4K video card is required.


1 year Warranty

Extended warranty: 1 additional year – £350

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3D printers offer support for several materials with varying applications, including PLA, nylon, PVA, carbon fiber, ABS, kevlar, and more!

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3D printer parts for various manufacturers

Supplies & Parts

3D printers offer support for several materials with varying applications, including PLA, nylon, PVA, carbon fiber, ABS, kevlar, and more.

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